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Carpet Stretching & Repair is a specialized art that is not available at every carpet company.

The Carpet Handyman has all the skills, tools and know how to fix and repair your carpet in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas.

Here is a list of Carpet Repair Services offered by The Carpet Handyman:

High heat temperatures and unprofessional, unskilled installations are two of the main reasons for wrinkles and loose carpet. Also,  if the temperature of your home or place of business consistently reach  above 85 degrees it could effect the carpet as well. Loose wavy carpet poses a tripping hazard and is unsightly to the human eye.

Family  pets can very lovable, but we also know they can be very destructive on  your floors. Household pets can cause issues such as - balding spots,  opening seams, ripping carpet, odor, etc.
(You  must provide extra carpet for the patching service, in some cases I may  already have a piece that might work or we can take it from a closet  and put something similar back in the closet). We can also use carpet left over from the original installation if it is available. 


This method is used for small areas of carpet that are burned, stained ripped or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is mended into its place. If leftover matching carpet is not available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location.

Burn  marks in carpet can be caused by many different reasons. Carpet burns  can be repaired if you can provide extra carpet or allow a small piece  of carpet to be taken from a closet. Also check the attic and other storage areas to see if carpet was left from the original installation.
Carpeted stairs take a lot of abuse from heavy foot traffic.  Sometimes this cause waves to appear. In other cases the carpet begins to detach from the staircase itself causing a safety issue. Contact us for the skills and expertise to get the carpet on your stairs looking great again.

If  you have installed some new flooring or the old transitions have  started to pull apart from heavy traffic or some other reason we can  help.

If needed we can install new tack-strip and stretch your carpet flush with the tile or hardwoods.

This will give it the professional finish to make your carpet and flooring look great.
The  Carpet Handyman service commercial accounts as well. If you have some  issues that affect the image and safety of your business give us a call.  After an evaluation of your situation we can come up with a detailed plan to get the carpet in your place of business looking good again.
If  your carpet is separating, lifting or fraying contact us. In most cases  we will come up with a suitable solution to fix your carpet seams.
Snags  in berber carpet are caused by various incidents like moving furniture,  pets, vacuuming, etc. We have the proper tools and expertise to repair  your berber making your carpets look good again.
If  flooding has occurred from an event such as dripping ceilings, hot  water heater malfunctions, or water intrusion from the outside. The Carpet Handyman can help. Sometimes water causes tack strips to rot or loosen.

In some cases mold or unsanitary conditions can develop. If you have salvaged and dried out the carpet. We can install new padding and your salvaged carpet after all the necessary preliminary work is achieved.  

Expert Carpet Stretching In Raleigh NC And Surrounding Areas

Power stretcher and tools on carpet before starting a re stretch.

Got Loose Or Wrinkled Carpet In Raleigh Or The Surrounding Areas?

If you are in need of carpet stretching in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas you should give us a call. Allow us to stretch your carpet using a power stretcher to get rid of unsightly bumps, wrinkles and buckles in your carpet. We can help you with all your carpet stretching needs. We have provided many residential and commercial clients with outstanding carpet stretching. 

Get Carpet Stretching In Raleigh, NC And Surrounding Areas

The condition of carpet in a room makes a impact on the overall appeal of the room, when you have wrinkled or bunched carpet. Bumps and wrinkles in your carpet are an issue, because they can be annoying to trip on, and unsightly to look at. Our carpet stretching service can help smooth out the wrinkles and ripples in your carpet.

The Carpet Handyman strives to be your first choice out of all carpet and flooring contractors in the Raleigh, NC area. We are trained and vetted to re-stretch frieze, shag, cut-pile, berber, saxony, plush and many more types carpets.  Whether you have a small or large project, we will take care of all of your carpet stretching needs. To provide you with the best carpet stretching results we use a Power Stretcher. This will allow us to properly stretch your carpet. The results from a knee kicker alone could never compare to the use of a Power Stretcher. A properly stretched carpet should be "drum tight" with no excessive slack or play.  When you need carpet stretching choose us and you will certainly be glad you did.  

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